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The Scottish Coastal Area



 Amazing Biodiversity

common dolphin

 And so much more! But to keep it special it needs

your help and understanding.


Stunning Vistas

port mor sunset

But will it stay that way? 

Continental shelf waters, both inshore and offshore are vitally important, for the biodiversity of species and habitats.

These waters need some parts to be protected; protected areas which include no-take-zones have shown to be able to provide for more stable ecosystems. 

Stable ecosystems are generally more productive and more resilient, these 'safe' areas should be able to provide and sustain our commercial activities, while leaving a meaningful legacy for future generations.


 The Current State of Affairs

The UK, and that includes Scotland probably have one of the worst reputations for protecting the marine environment in the World! With only around 0.005% of UK waters actually given real protection; real protection includes areas of 'no-take'. 

DEFRA currently state around 2% of waters are afforded protection but this 'type of protection' still allows for damaging commercial sectors to extract the seas resources and that can damage fish nursery grounds, along with other vitally important habitats. 

With the majority of Global fisheries outside of their safe biological limits we need to act and the sooner the better: Changing the World’s use of the marine resources is a mighty task; but we could change our small part of it, and if, just if, everyone did the same: the World’s commercial fisheries could change for a sustainable future.


 Wouldn’t you like to keep some of it special?

For our future and for that of our kids.


Think Globally, Act Locally!


We need enough Marine Protected Areas,

 with 'real' protective measures; before it is too late!


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